Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Study Finds Verbal Abuse Causes New Nurses to Leave

A study conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's RN Work Project, "Verbal Abuse From Nurse Colleagues and Work Environment of Early Career Registered Nurses," was recently published online in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship.

One thousand four hundred and seven newly licensed registered nurses (RNs) were surveyed  about how often they were verbally abused by nurse colleagues.  Forty-nine percent stated that they had experienced moderate verbal abuse (one to five times in the past three months) with 5% reporting high levels of verbal abuse (more than five times in the past three months).

The RN Work Project study shows that intent to leave a job is highly correlated with the levels of abuse new RNs experienced.

For more details, check out a new Health Leaders Media piece about this study.

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