Wednesday, October 13, 2010

INQRI Teams Featured in the Future of Nursing Report

As you saw on Monday, Linda Flynn's INQRI project was highlighted in the report from the Initiative on the Future of Nursing committee. We commend Flynn and her team on their wonderful contribution to the evidence base linking nursing to quality.

We also congratulate our two other INQRI teams who were featured in the committee's report:

As the coordination of care was highlighted as "one of the traditional strengths of the nursing profession," we were very pleased to see the inclusion of the work from Gerri Lamb and Francois Sainfort's INQRI project, "Nurse-Sensitive Measurement of Hospital Care Coordination." As the committee noted, their team "developed a Staff Nurse Care Coordination model that features six nurse care coordination activities regularly performed by staff nurses in hospital settings as part of their daily activities—mobilizing, exchanging, checking, organizing, assisting, and backfilling."
  • Click here to learn about Gerri Lamb's work as the co-chair of the National Quality Forum's NQF’s Steering Committee on Care Coordination.
We also congratulate researchers at Johns Hopkins University, David Thompson, Jill Marsteller and J. Bryan Sexton for the inclusion of their findings from the INQRI study, "Linking Blood Stream Infection Rates to Intensive Care." As the committee noted, the team "found that substantial reductions in central line associated blood stream infections can be achieved with nurses leading the infection control effort. Hospitals that adopted [the team's] intensive care unit safety program as well as an environment that supported nurse’s involvement in quality improvement efforts reduced or eliminated bloodstream infections."

  • Click here to read an article from the Baltimore Sun focused on Maryland hospitals that are joining Peter Pronovost's national effort (which includes the INQRI team members) to reduce infections.

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