Wednesday, October 13, 2010

INQRI Team Leaves Lasting Impression

CentraState Medical Center was one of the participating hospitals in a medication error study funded by the INQRI program: “Examining the Impact of Nursing Structures and Processes on Medication Errors.” Based on their findings, Linda Flynn, Dong Suh and team recommended that sites explore ways in which to reduce nurse interruptions while administering medications.

Acting on that recommendation, Jayne Craig, Ph.D., R.N., from CentraState has received funding to implement and test an intervention to reduce nurse interruptions.

In this new undertaking, CentraState Medical Center proposes to demonstrate whether an intervention designed to reduce nurse interruptions that occur at the time of medication administration (in contrast to those that occur during transcription, preparation, etc.) results in fewer medication errors in the community hospital, medical-surgical setting.

The principal investigator of the INQRI study was a guest blogger for us on Monday, discussing her work in regards to the Future of Nursing report published last week. Click here to read her post.

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