Thursday, September 16, 2010

Is it Lunch Time Already?

We just concluded an exciting morning at our 5th Annual Meeting...

Special thanks to Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD for his fabulous presentation, "Applying Behavioral Economics to Health Care Delivery."  Dr. Volpp gave us much to consider about the way that people make the choices that affect their health.

We were also thrilled to welcome the members of INQRI's newest cohort, who will begin their work on November 1.  These researchers provided us with their project plans and received wonderful encouragement and suggestions who have been where they are now.  More info to come on these six terrific teams.

The morning concluded with updates from the five teams in our 4th cohort.  These researchers presented work that spans across a number of diverse settings: ICUs, long term care, community centers.  These teams are in the midst of their work and will present their findings at next year's annual meeting.  Click here to learn more about Cohort 4.

We have more to come this afternoon - remember to follow us via Twitter using hashtag #INQRI2010.

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