Thursday, September 16, 2010

The First I in INQRI - Recap

INQRI Co-Director, Mark Pauly led a wonderfully engaging discussion on the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in research.  Joined by Carolyn Aydin, a social scientist, and Stephen Setter, a pharmacist, our panel encouraged the meeting participants to share what has worked for them and why collaboration between disciplines should be continued.

The group agreed that the multiple perspectives offered by interdisciplinary collaboration are well-worth learning each other's jargon!  Seasoned researchers encouraged others to establish norms for communicating and Polly Pittman directed everyone to the "glossary" on to learn about breaking down the language-barriers between disciplines.  Another resource was offered by grantee Bonnie Spring: check out for tips on working together as a team.

Check out the thread on twitter via #INQRI2010 for more...

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