Friday, July 31, 2015

Resnick to Head Gerontological Society

Congratulations to former INQRI Grantee Barbara Resnick, who was recently voted president-elect of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA).

Resnick, who currently serves as professor and Sonia Ziporkin Gershowitz Chair in Gerontology at the University of Maryland School of Nursing in Baltimore, will begin as president-elect in 2015-2016, and then become president for the 2016-2017 term.  GSA is devoted to research and education in all aspects of gerontology, including medical, biological, psychological and social.

“I am honored to serve in the role of GSA’s president-elect, and in the future, as its president,” Resnick said in a news release. “GSA has the opportunity to be a leader in interdisciplinary work in the areas of gerontology and geriatrics, including educational aspects, research, practice and policy.”

Resnick and fellow INQRI grantee Sheryl Zimmerman developed a successful intervention designed to deliver Function Focused Care to residents in assisted living facilities. Their intervention was designed to maintain and improve function, physical activity, muscle strength, psychosocial outcomes (efficacy expectations and life satisfaction) and decrease adverse events (pain, falls and hospitalizations) among assisted living residents. Residents in intervention treatment sites demonstrated fewer declines in function and spent more time in moderate level physical activity at 4 months and more overall counts of activity at 12 months when compared to residents in control sites. There were also fewer transfers to the hospital among those in the treatment sites.

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