Thursday, May 29, 2014

Webinar Highlights Benefits of Nurse Informaticists as Team Leaders

A recent webinar highlights the success of White Plains Hospital, in White Plains, NY, in implementing a evidence-based interdisciplinary plan of care (IPOC) led by nurse informaticists to improve patient outcomes. Zynx Health, which acted as White Plains’ evidence-based care coordination technology partner, hosted the webinar in conjunction with Health IT Outcomes.

During the webinar, experts explained that much of IPOC’s success was due not just to technology, but also to a strong organizational culture shift within the organization toward a team-based approach. Prior to the implementation of IPOC, only nurses owned care plans. Afterward, it became clear that care plans needed to involve multidisciplinary teams, Health IT Outcomes reports.

White Plains Hospital was able to develop and implement the plans quickly. The team customized 55 IPOCs in less than three days and deployed them in under eight months. They reported a significant increase in interdisciplinary collaboration, and more meaningful documentation about patient goals.

The new IPOC also helped White Plains Hospital decrease its average Length of Stay from 4.81 days to 4.75 days. The initiative has also helped the hospital reduce both development and documentation time.

Slides from the webinar are available to view here.

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