Wednesday, November 27, 2013

INQRI in the News

HealthLeaders Media highlighted the INQRI program, and the importance of nurses to quality of care, in its recent article “Interdisciplinary Care Starts with Respect for Colleagues.” Managing editor Alexandra Wilson Pecci writes that it is time to upend the hospital hierarchy, where power starts with physicians and flows down to nurses, particularly within interdisciplinary care. “Instead of this top-down hierarchy, I believe all branches of health care should function as equals,” Pecci said. “The responsibilities of nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and other members of the clinical care team are certainly different, but none is more or less important to patient care. All members of the team are needed for their own, particular skills.”

The new INQRI-funded study “Scope-Of-Practice Laws For Nurse Practitioners Limit Cost Savings That Can Be Achieved In Retail Clinics,” continues to receive media coverage, most recently on the Reuters Health Globalpost website.  The study is led by Joanne Spetz and Stephen Parente.

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