Thursday, July 25, 2013

INQRI Expert on Discharge to Discuss Patient Empowerment

As we told you yesterday, INQRI grantee Marianne Weiss will participate in a Twitter chat on patient engagement later today.  In advance, we'd like to introduce you to the work of her INQRI team which focused on nurses' contributions to hospital discharge teaching.

Improving hospital discharge and reducing unnecessary readmissions is a critical issue. Policymakers are seeking cost-effective solutions to better transition patients from hospital to home. Dr. Weiss and Dr. Olga Yakusheva led a team at Marquette University to study what hospital-based nurses do to influence outcomes after a patient is discharged from a hospital. They identified the contributions that nursing staff make to the quality of discharge teaching and the impact of that teaching on patient outcomes, readiness and readmission rates of patients who are discharged home. The team found that when units had more RN hours per patient day, fewer overtime hours and fewer vacancies, the discharge teaching was of higher quality, patients reported greater readiness for hospital discharge, and post-discharge utilization of readmission and emergency room visits was lower.

To access the articles published by the Weiss-Yakusheva team on this topic, please visit their page on the INQRI website.

Join us for today's Twitter chat using hashtag #PatientChat from 2pm-3pmET.

Moderator: @USNewsHealth
Experts: @RWJF, @theNPSF, @NPAF_tweets, @TrishaTorrey, @tedeytan, @RWJF_HumanCap, @INQRIprogram (*Dr. Weiss will use the INQRI Twitter handle)

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