Wednesday, June 26, 2013

INQRI Team Publishes New Article on Intragroup Social Dynamics, Methods

INQRI grantee Tracey Yap and her team recently a new article in the Journal of Mixed Methods Research which discusses intragroup social dynamics and the work of their nursing and education research team as a community of research practice interested in organizational cultures and occupational subcultures. The dynamics were characterized by processes of socialization through reeducation and group social identity formation that allowed members to cross disciplines and produce interdisciplinary mixed methods combinations.

Yap's INQRI team developed a sustainable, system-wide program for pressure ulcer prevention that enhances mobility of long-term care (LTC) residents. The primary goal was to reduce LTC facility-acquired pressure ulcer incidence by 50% using a cost-effective innovative program to increase resident active or passive movement. The team was led by Yap, a nurse researcher, and Jay Kim, PhD, an engineer.

To learn more about their new article, please visit the journal's website.

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