Friday, May 17, 2013

American Nurses Foundation Supports Nursing Research Into Bullying, Loneliness, Walking

Nursing research runs the gamut from investigations into nursing processes that affect patient care to testing whether seniors are better able to age in place if their homes are adapted to meet their needs. No matter, the topic, the body of research conducted by nurses continues to grow exponentially.

The latest issue of The American Nurse highlights the studies of three nurse researchers who have received grants from the American Nurses Foundation (ANF), including RWJF Nurse Faculty Scholar Laurie Theeke.

Theeke's research, funded by ANF and RWJF, involves exploring the emotions associated with loneliness, specifically among older adults living with chronic illness in Appalachia. She has found that older adults who scored high on a loneliness index felt stigma, sadness, anxiety, depression, anger, and fear. Theeke plans to test interventions that target specific components of loneliness. She suggests that further research might address whether people isolate themselves because of functional decline or whether isolation speeds that decline.

Other highlighted research studies explore how novice nurses cope with workplace bullying by nurse colleagues and whether safer walking areas influence health outcomes of low-income residents.

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