Monday, March 4, 2013

New Mechanisms for Linking Research and Policy

Impact 2.0: New mechanisms for linking research and policy supported a series of small research projects examining the use of online social networking services to link research and policy in Latin America.

Two types of projects were supported: (i) action research projects involved both implementing and evaluating a specific use of one or more online social networking services to link research and policy or researchers and policymakers, and (ii) more conventional ones evaluated existing initiatives implemented by third parties. A five-member jury evaluated the submissions and its members provided advice and support to the researchers at various moments during the project, but no specific framework or theoretical approach was imposed. Proposals were accepted from a variety of disciplinary perspectives as long as they addressed, through a formal research process, the impact of web 2.0 and online social networking services on the links between research and public policy, with an overall objective of documenting the design, implementation and impact of actions undertaken to link of knowledge generation and policy definition.

  Click here to access the full research report on new mechanisims for linking research and policy

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