Friday, March 29, 2013

INQRI’s Focus on Dissemination and Implementation

Marita G. Titler, PhD, RN, FAAN, Deleise S. Wilson, PhD, RN, Barbara Resnick, PhD, CNRP, FAAN, Leah L. Shever, PhD, RN 

With our paper, “Dissemination and Implementation: INQRI’s Potential Impact,” we explored the implementation strategies, challenges, and lessons learned from conducting five INQRI funded implementation studies. We also presented two case examples of other INQRI studies to illustrate dissemination strategies. We repeatedly saw that INQRI teams used common implementation strategies across studies which addressed education, ongoing interaction with sites, use of implementation tools, and visibility of the projects on the study units. However, many studies experienced some challenges with institutional review board reviews. Several of the PIs were concerned about the short-time dedicated to the actually implementation phase of the research. Despite this challenge, the teams found that success in the engagement of site coordinators and nurses involved with their projects and the development of tools for other hospitals to use for improving practice. We would encourage researchers interested in pursuing dissemination and implementation projects to focus on understanding the importance of context, as well as the complexity of implementation, and ensuring good communication with clinicians and study sites.

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