Wednesday, March 27, 2013

INQRI Demonstrates Lessons Learned, Recommendations for the Future

José A. Pagán, PhD 

This special issue of Medical Care nicely summarizes many of the key accomplishments of the INQRI program in terms of pushing the frontier of what is known about the linkages between nursing care and health care quality.

INQRI not only has provided resources for nursing researchers to show the role of nursing care on the delivery of high quality health care services, but the program has also increased awareness about the importance of nursing care in the research conducted in other disciplines.

The provision of financial and technical resources through the INQRI program to make interdisciplinary work possible has brought together researchers from different disciplines (economics, business, engineering and many others) that typically would have not thought about getting involved in nursing research. I suspect some of this is due to the lack of a scholarly community large enough to sustain high impact conversations and policy discussions about the role of nurses in health care quality. INQRI has taken us a step closer to having a critical mass of interdisciplinary nursing researchers.

The methodological challenges in implementation science may seem large but the work funded by INQRI in this area shows clear lessons learned and provides recommendations to advance methods, including the need to develop standards for implementation methods as well as identifying the potential benefits of thinking about reporting standards.

Dr. Pagán is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Health Management & Policy in the School of Public Health at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth and a member of INQRI's National Advisory Committee. 

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