Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Care About Your Care Videos - Our Grantees Respond

Last month, we told you about an exciting event sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, "Care About Your Care," which focused on reducing hospital readmissions through improved transitions in care.

In addition to a live webcast, the event also featured the presentation of winners from a video contest featuring a series of videos submitted by care teams to demonstrate their successful strategies to improve transitions.

We continue to be impressed by this work and some of our INQRI grantees wanted to take the opportunity to comment on some of these fantastic contributions.

Northern Piedmont Community Care

"This approach to care makes so much sense to me that I have to ask myself why this isn't the prevailing model of healthcare delivery. Many chronic diseases can be managed and even prevented through a healthful lifestyle, but research shows that the majority of people do not know how to be healthy. Patient teaching and education is a core component of the nursing process, and the success of community clinics like the one featured in the video places nurses in the center of the healthcare reform and efforts to promote high-quality patient-centered cost-effective care." 
- INQRI Grantee Olga Yakusheva 

CARE Network - Transition to Better Care

"This video about care transitions tells the story so well. The patient's story is central in the video which says a lot about how the CARE Network hold their priories." 
 - INQRI Grantee Nancy Hanrahan 

U of U Health Care- Transitions Program

"A small investment in time at discharge can pay off in a big way. Ensuring that patients and their informal caregivers understand what is needed to be done upon discharge may well prevent a return to the hospital. Since hospital days are far more costly than is outpatient care, it behooves providers to devote a small amount of time and resources prior to release and just after discharge from the hospital to prevent an even greater investment due to an exacerbation of illness. This is an area where Ben Franklin's aphorism, 'Pennywise and pound foolish' is spot on." 
 - INQRI Grantee Phyllis Solomon

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