Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Workplace Injuries Injuries in Texas Now Treated as Medical Errors for Nurses

In late June, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that workplace injuries for nurses and other hospital employees will be treated as medical errors. While this may not seem groundbreaking to many, this ruling severely limits nurses and health care workers ability to receive adequate compensation for workplace related injuries. Many hospitals in Texas do not purchase workers compensation and thus, are subject to civil litigation if a workplace injury occurs. However, due to this ruling, health care workers will be limited to the amount of damages they can receive from these hospitals, even if these hospitals willfully do not have workers compensation insurance.

To read an Op-Ed about this topic, click here.


  1. Well, here's my opinion for that case. Before they rule it as a medical error of the employees, they should investigate the accident first. If the accident was caused by equipment malfunction, then the employee should get worker’s compensation. However, if it is the mistake of the employee, then it should be ruled as a medical error. That being said, we couldn't prevent mistakes from happening in the workplace, as employees here need to act quickly, especially in emergency situations.

  2. As a member of the working force, you possess specific statutory rights specifically designed to protect injured employees in the event that you are injured while performing in the course and scope of your employment. Workers' compensation provides limited insurance coverage for injured employees for lost of wages, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation and retraining, if necessary. click here