Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Doctors Battle Board of Nursing on Anesthesia Protocols

We hope all of you had a safe and relaxing Memorial Day weekend. The news story we are sharing with all of you today is in stark contrast to many stories we have previously shared that address nurses' scope of practice.

Over the weekend, Jim Saunders, reporting for Naplesnews.com, discussed how an administrative law judge will be hearing a case in June that will determine if the Florida Board of Nursing has the right to dictate what drugs nurses can or cannot administer. Interestingly, both the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association and the Florida Podiatric Medical Association have filed suit against the Florida Board of Nursing for not allowing registered nurses and licensed-practical nurses to administer Propofol. In stark contrast to many other states' legal battles, the medical associations are advocating for RNs and LPNs' right to administer this drug while the Board of Nursing argues that this falls out of their training and scope of practice.

What do you think?

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