Thursday, April 19, 2012

Music in Nursing Homes and Its Positive Effect

We present you with two different news stories today describing the impact that music has on geriatric residents in nursing homes.

The first story, featured on National Public Radio's, All Things Considered, detailed a documentary about the introduction of music to nursing home residents with dementia. Music had a profound effect on the mood and demeanor of these residents and contrary to what some thought would further isolate dementia residents, the personalized music playlists actually increased the social interaction staff had with the residents.

Click here to read more and view a video about this story.

Related to this story, Margaret Gillerman, reporting for, discussed a student project titled, "Smiles with Music". The program, which enlists teen volunteers to bring music to nursing homes and hospice care, has been viewed as a great success by nursing home residents and their family members. Family members have witnessed the positive effects of the students' visits and in doing so, have created a program for other students to participate in.

Click here to read more about the "Smiles with Music" program.

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