Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hospital Efforts To Keep Elderly Strong

Yesterday, Lindsey Tanner, reporting for the Huffington Post, described new initiatives being implemented by hospitals to encourage elderly patients to be more active and improve their quality of life. Ms. Tanner detailed how hospitals are utilizing nurses and volunteers to facilitate simple walking exercises that result in patients being just as healthy when discharged as they were on arrival.

Does this initiative sound familiar to you? It should!

Previous INQRI grantee Dr. Barbara Resnick focused her INQRI supported research efforts on Function Focused Care in assisted living communities that resulted in improved well-being for geriatric participants, in addition to improving the culture of safety for staff at the facilities that implemented the program.

Click here to read the HuffPost article.

Click here to read more about Dr. Resnick's work, including a video of a recent lecture she presented at the University of Pennsylvania's Institute of Aging.

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