Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Public Health Nurse Program Expands To Idaho

Last week, Alison Boggs, of The Spokesman-Review, highlighted the introduction of a program that has been proven to improve the lives of low-income, first-time mothers and their babies. The program, known as the Nurse-Family Partnership, puts public health nurses into the homes of pregnant, first-time mothers for weekly or biweekly visits until the baby is born. The nurses then continue regular visits until the child turns 2. With the program saving $5 for every $1 invested in families' care, the Nurse-Family Partnership not only increases the quality of care low-income mothers receive but cuts expenditures for the state and federal government.

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  1. I really appreciate with this post.Its very good and informative post. Thanks for sharing

  2. It seems to be a good program though to support the ladies with low income and with babies.