Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Collaborative Approaches to Care: Nurses on Multidisciplinary Teams

As the Future of Nursing committee has encouraged that nurses should be able to practice to the full scope of their education and training and that they be full partners with physicians and other leaders in redesigning health care, nurses' role on health care teams is a topic of much importance.

It was our pleasure to discuss these issues during this week's webinar titled, "Collaborative Approaches to Care: Nurses on Multidisciplinary Teams."  Special thanks to INQRI grantee Robert Ferrer (University of Texas Health Science Center) who served as the moderator for our panel of grantees: Gerri Lamb (Arizona State University), Joanne Disch and Doug Wholey (University of Minnesota) and Cheryl Dennison (Johns Hopkins University).  Dr. Lamb presented on nurse care coordination, Drs. Disch and Wholey presented on nurse-physician co-leadership and Dr. Dennison presented on the participants in a rural hospital collaborative.

Click here to view the presentation on your desktop.
Click here to download Gerri Lamb's slides.
Click here to download Joanne Disch and Doug Wholey's slides.
Click here to download Cheryl Dennison's slides.

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