Friday, December 3, 2010

Utilizing Nurses: Lowering Costs and Increasing Efficiency

Relating to the recommendations made by the Initiative on the Future of Nursing committee's report: "The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health," Kendric Ward of the Sunshine State News discussed how allowing nurse practitioners to practice as they do in other states can save the state of Florida $1 billion.
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The notion of nurses practicing to the full scope of their abilities and training is clearly illustrated in two other articles published last week.

David Wahlberg of the Wisconsin State Journal discussed how midwives provide essential maternity care in rural, poverty stricken areas where hospitals have been closed due to budget cuts.

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Continuing the theme of utilizing nurses' skill sets, the ORTHOSuperSite detailed how nurses conducting back exams lead to shorter wait times and quicker diagnosis.

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  1. The recommendations by the report is wonderful for Nurse Practitioners and I would not take anything from it - BUT you would think that the report could have addressed the plight of the ridiculous utilization of nurses in the here and now and try to improve the potential of nurses already at the bedside.

    The report you have is (The Initiative on the Future of Nurse Practioners)which as I said is wonderful but offers NOTHING for the nurses in the Here and Now - which will make or break any improvement in healthcare.

    Respectfully, Vernon Dutton, R.N.