Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Effect of Off-Peak Hospital Environments on Nurses' Work: an Institutional Ethnography

This presentation was made by Patti Hamilton and Gretchen Gemeinhardt during the fifth annual meeting of the Interdisciplinary Nursing Quality Research Initiative regarding the completion of their project on off-peak hospital environments on nurses' work.

This project used Institutional Ethnography (IE) to situate nursing in the center of an interdisciplinary approach to learn how and why off-peak work environments are different, and how they affected nurses' work and patient care. Two types of data have been collected. Level I data is transcripts from individual and focus-group interviews. Level II included managerial policies, documents, and other texts, used to improve quality and efficiency by standardizing and controlling the work of nurses. This project has provided researchers with insight into how to account for temporal variations in nurses' work environment when specifying causal models linking nursing care to patient outcomes. The project also has provided stakeholders with materials that help them identify, evaluate, and anticipate effects of initiatives to improve efficiency, effectiveness, quality and cost on nursing care provided during off-peak periods.

This team is co-led by Patti Hamilton, PhD, RN, a nurse researcher, and Gretchen Gemeinhardt, PhD, MBA, a psychologist with a background in management and organizational behavior.

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