Friday, October 8, 2010

Recommendation: Ensure that Nurses Engage in Lifelong Learning.

INQRI is gratified that the Initiative on the Future of Nursing (IFN) committee has prioritized the concept of lifelong learning for nurses. We whole-heartedly agree that continuing to educate nurses will contribute greatly to their ability to care for a diverse and aging population.

Because we share the committee’s belief, INQRI made the decision in 2009 to take our webinar series public. Originally designed as tools for our grantees, we realized that it did not further our goals to restrict material to internal audiences only. We launched our first public webinar in February, 2009. Since that time, we have offered two series of webinars: one on medication management and one on research translation. We are investigating ways to package these sessions as an educational tool and we are planning our next series on health reform.

Click here to access webinars from Spring 2009.

Click here to access webinars from Fall 2009.

Click here to access webinars from Spring 2010.

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