Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a Morning!

It's already 1pm and we have already heard so much!

Special thanks to Nancy Shute, Beth McGlynn, Linda Aiken, Andy Hyman and Maryjoan Ladden for such an engaging discussion on opportunities for nursing in health reform. Check out the Twitter feed #INQRI2010 to read recaps.

We also want to congratulate our first two teams from Cohort 3 on the presentation of their findings.

Kathleen Stevens and Bob Ferrer studied the impact of addressing "small troubles" in nursing care on patient safety.  The ultimate outcomes of their work were inspiring ones: fewer errors, better quality benchmarks, less turnover and greater efficiency. 

Gretchen Gemeinhardt and Patti Hamilton examined the impact of receiving care during "off-peak" times - on nights and weekends.  Sixty-four percent of nursing occurs "off-peak" and consumers are (rightfully) concerned about being admitted during those times.  They found that nurses have much to contribute about what they do and the environments in which they do it... and believe that we must engage direct care nurses in planning off-peak work flow to reduce problems.

Remember, follow our discussion on Twitter using hashtag #INQRI2010... and there is more to come!

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