Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nurses Need Better Technology

Check out the recent guest blog post on by ICU nurse and pre-med student, Jared Sinclair.  In his post, Sinclair talks about nurses' need for better electronic medical record (EMR) applications to improve efficiency and contribute to patient safety.
"Contemporary EMRs are only contemporary insofar as they are being sold in 2010. As far as the technology they leverage is concerned, they are relics of the 1990s (or worse). They are endless tabs of little grey boxes and drop-down menus without any visual cues to separate the meaningful facts from the JCAHO-compliant fluff. Where are the iPhone and iPad apps? Where is the ability to email one-click-generated PDFs to another provider? What about task-awareness? What about multimedia? Hell, why can’t I paste a simple JPEG into my physical assessment?"
Click here to read the post.

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