Monday, August 9, 2010

Nurses - The Last Line of Defense Against Medication Errors

In a new article published in the Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, authors Hélène Faye, A. Joy Rivera-Rodriguez, Ben-Tzion Karsh, Ann Schoofs Hundt, Christine Baker and Pascale Carayon detail the way that nurses represent the last line of defense against medication errors.

Click here to download the article.

This research team was part of the 2007 Medication Management convening, co-hosted by INQRI and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (GBMF).  This day-long event brought researchers together with stakeholders to discuss the impact of medication errors. At the time, this team of scholars was a recently funded Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grantee who had been identified via the INQRI program.

We continued our collaboration with the GBMF with a year long series of webinars.  Dr. Carayon and her team hosted one last fall.  Click here for more information on that session.

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