Friday, July 9, 2010

Nurses Can Tell Us What Goes Wrong "Off-Peak"

In the newest edition of Healthcare Risk Management, INQRI researcher Patti Hamilton was interviewed about her project, "The Effect of Off-peak Hospital Environments on Nurses' Work: an Institutional Ethnography." 

Research confirms that off-peak hours in health care facilities pose a higher risk of medical errors.  Hamilton's team believes that nurses can help us to understand what happens on off-peak shifts that may lead to negative patient outcomes. 
  • Although the newsletter does not go to print until July 20, you can download a preview copy here.
  • Hamilton was also recently interviewed about her work for an NPR affiliate in Quincy, Illinois.  Click here to listen in.
  • Click here to access the team's March 2010 article, "Expanding What We Know About Off-peak Mortality in Hospitals" on the Journal of Nursing Administration's website.
  • Click here to visit the team's website, featuring study findings, videos and more.


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