Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Thoughts About Reducing Central Line Infections

Two articles came out last week discussing the challenges associated with reducing central line infections. In a piece for Health Leaders Media, Cheryl Clark wrote about a study of more than 2,000 health providers which found that just 3/10 hospital administrators are willing to spend the necessary funds to prevent catheter-related bloodstream infections. The study also found that less than 1/5 providers believe that their institutions have the capability to train staff in infection prevention strategies. For an article published in FierceHealthcare, author Sandra Yin quotes Peter Pronovost who suggests that pessimism is to blame for failure to prevent these infections. "By far, the biggest barrier is people just don't believe they can do it," he said.

Click here to read "Failure In Central Line Infection Prevention, Survey Says" on the Health Leaders Media website.

Click here to read "Pessimism about conquering infections is the biggest obstacle, Pronovost says" on the FierceHealthcare website.

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