Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Articles on the Impact of Nurse Staffing on Patient Care

Two new articles were recently published addressing the impact of nurse staffing on patient care.  The articles, "Using Clinical Data to Capture Nurse Workload: Implications for Staffing and Safety" and "Nurse Staffing and Post-Surgical Complications Using the Present on Admission Indicator" discuss very different staffing issues.

In the first piece, authors Marianne Baernholdt, Kathleen Cox and Ken Scully used a hospital clinical data repository to calculate workload measures and a unit activity index.  In the second article, authors Barbara Mark and David Harless evaluated the relationship between registered nurse staffing and six post-surgical complications.
Click here to access the Baernholdt-Cox-Scully article on the Computers, Informatics, Nursing website.
Click here to access the Mark-Harless article on the Research in Nursing and Health website.
INQRI has funded quite a few studies that discuss a variety of issues surrounding nurse staffing because we believe that nurses are leading efforts to understand what drives better nursing care to keep patients safe.
Click here to download a synthesis of our findings relating to nurse staffing and work environments.

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