Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nurses Key to Understanding the "Off-peak Effect"

Drs. Patti Hamilton, Gretchen Gemeinhardt, Sondip Mathur and their team recently had their article, "Expanding What We Know About Off-peak Mortality in Hospitals" published in the Journal of Nursing Administration.

Dr. Hamilton: For more than thirty years, weekend and/or night time hospitalizations have been associated with negative patient outcomes. Descriptive studies have verified the presence of this “off-peak” effect in twenty-five patient diagnostic groups but have done little to explain the cause of this effect. We believe nurses can help us to understand what happens on off-peak shifts that may lead to negative patient outcomes. The purpose of our INQRI-funded study is to describe challenges nurses encounter and deal with on off-peak shifts, and to explain how those challenges arose in institutions designed to avoid any such outcomes. Our research to date suggests a number of steps that nurse administrators might take to enhance their knowledge for handling off-peak challenges in their hospitals. Visit our study website at for more information about the study and for useful resources.

Click here to access the article on the Journal of Nursing Administration's website.

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