Monday, April 26, 2010

INQRI Director: "Nurses play a central role in the prevention of hospital readmissions."

Hospital readmission and emergency department utilization within the first 30 days following hospital discharge represent adverse, potentially avoidable, and costly outcomes of hospitalization.

In a new article for Nurse Week, Cathryn Domrose writes about the success INQRI director, Mary Naylor, has had with her transitional care model to help reduce hospital readmissions. In fact, Naylor’s studies have shown an average per patient savings of $5,000 one year after hospitalization.

For more information on the transitional care model, please click here.

INQRI researchers Marianne Weiss and Olga Yakusheva have recently completed their project, "A Quality and Cost Analysis of Nurse Practice Predictors of Readiness for Hospital Discharge and Post-Discharge Outcomes." This interdisciplinary team broke new ground by linking the unit-level nurse practice environment and nursing care processes with patient outcomes at discharge and post-hospitalization. Specifically, the study examined direct and indirect causal relationships between the nursing practice environment, the discharge teaching process and readiness for hospital discharge with hospital readmission and emergency department utilization.

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