Tuesday, January 12, 2010

National Quality Forum Measures

Last week, Modern Healthcare reported that "The National Quality Forum is endorsing 70 performance measures that combine data from various electronic sources—such as administrative claims, pharmacy and laboratory systems, and registries—in order to advance the use of electronic data platforms to measure, report and improve quality."

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In February 2003, the National Quality Forum undertook a 14-month project to study the relationship between nursing personnel and quality, and the degree to which national voluntary consensus standards for nursing-sensitive care could be established.  The 15 indicators of nurse-sensitive care endorsed by NQF represented the first set of nationally standardized performance measures designed to assess how nurses in acute care hospitals contribute to health care quality, patient safety, and a professional and safe work environment.

This work greatly informed the development of the first INQRI call for proposals in 2005 which focused on measurement.  The teams selected via that call began their work in August 2006 and completed their work in fall 2008. The nine research projects covered three major areas: (1) investigating the link between the work of nurses and the quality of care provided in hospitals; (2) producing and validating measures that capture nurses' contributions to quality care in hospitals; and (3) evaluating the impact of innovative nurse-led initiatives on patient outcomes.

To read more about the nine teams in INQRI's first cohort, please click here.

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