Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Higher Level of Care

"Nurses need to continue to seek out leadership roles and roles in health policy at the local, state, and national level. Nurses have historically had a major impact on improving patient care, not only at the bedside but in the State House as well."
- Alice Bonner

Alice Bonner, a nurse practioner who previously served as the executive director of the Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation, recently because the new director of the bureau of health care safety and quality at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. She has a lot to say about her new job and how to make sure that the patients in Massachusetts hospitals and nursing homes receive quality care.

Check out the new interview with Alice Bonner in the Boston Globe.

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  1. Having worked with Alice Bonner during her tenure as a Fallon nurse practitioner in the nursing home where I work, I have always founds her energetic, fair decision making a great quality. Since that time I've watched, as have many others in the geriatric healthcare system in Massachusetts, her rise to a beacon and a force in the pursuit of quality safe geriatric care. Congratulations.