Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time Magazine: If a Health-Care Bill Passes, Nurse Practitioners Could Be Key

"As the House and Senate prepare to embark on their summer recess without having passed any health-care-reform bills, President Obama's dreams of radically restructuring the system have, at least for now, bumped up against the reality of Washington politics. But even if Congress manages to overcome the many obstacles and pass some kind of meaningful reform this fall, the goal of covering some 50 million currently uninsured Americans will encounter a whole new range of hurdles. Chief among them is that there almost certainly won't be enough doctors to care for that many new patients."

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"...there is an existing group of providers that health reformers are hoping can help fill this gap: nurse practitioners."

Ann Lovegren Conley, a family nurse practitioner at the University of Southern Maine, talks to a patient on the university's Portland campus.

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