Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Nurse as Leader in Delivering Care

This panel presentation was delivered by members of INQRI's third cohort of grantees at the 4th Annual INQRI Meeting. Facilitated by NAC Member Shelley White-Means.

Part 1 features Dr. Barbara Resnick, presenting on the study "The Res-Care-AL Intervention Study."

Part 2 features Dr. Doug Wholey, presenting on the study "Multidisciplinary Organization and Outcomes for Chronic Heart Failure Patients in the VA."

Part 3 features Dr. Kathleen Stevens, presenting on the study "Small Troubles, Adaptive Responses [STAR]: Fostering a Quality Culture in Nursing."

Part 4 features Dr. Cynthia Corbett, presenting on the study "Empowering Home Care Nurses to Efficiently Resolve Medication Discrepancies."

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