Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Announcing the 2009 INQRI Webinar Series

Don't miss updates from NQF and JCAHO, as well as informational sessions on causal modeling and ways to present research for maximum impact.

For more information about how to participate, please contact Heather Kelley.

Measurement Triplicate

Part 1: The National Quality Forum's Nursing Sensitive Measures: The History of the Endorsement of the "Starter Set"
Speaker: Ellen Kurtzman
DATE: February 10, 2009: 3pmEST - 4pmEST

Part 2: The Collaboration Between NQF and JCAHO: Next Steps for the Measures
Speakers: Marybeth Farquhar (NQF) and Jerod Loeb/Sharon Sprenger (JCAHO)
DATE: February 26, 2009: 4pmEST - 5pmEST

Part 3: Panel Discussion on Measurement and Research
Panelists from CalNOC, NDNQI, VANOD, JCAHO, NQF
Moderator: Ellen Kurtzman
DATE: April 13, 2009: 4pmEST - 5pmEST

Beyond Correlation: Causal Modeling
Pre-Taped Presentation purchased from AcademyHealth featuring Bryan Dowd, who will also attend the presentation to answer questions.
DATE: May 5, 2009: 3pm - 5pmEST

How to Present Study Results for Maximum Policy Impact
Speakers: Janet Firshein and Caroline Broder from Burness Communications
DATE: May 21, 2009: 12n - 1pmEST

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