Tuesday, October 19, 2010

American Academy of Nursing's Workforce Commission Demonstrates Ways to Use Technology to Improve Nursing Care

Comment on a Project that Streamlined Routine Tasks and Improved the Amount and Quality of Time that Nurses Can Spend with Patients

Aware that technology offers opportunities to streamline routine nursing tasks and improve the amount and quality of time that nurses can spend with patients, researchers at the American Academy of Nursing's Workforce Commission created Technology Drill Downs in 2004, to identify technological solutions to workflow problems. Some 1,000 nurses participated in the two-day drill downs in 25 acute care hospitals through July 2009. The results:

• Participating nurses say that the features of technology they most desire are integration and interoperability across systems; bedside availability; portability; and hands-free capability, such as voice activation.

• Technologies to improve the practice environment include bedside entry systems that interface with medication, supply and equipment systems and "smart beds" that monitor patients' vital signs.
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation wants to hear your thoughts on this project produced by our grantee the American Academy of Nursing's Workforce Commission. Read the complete Grant Results report detailing their research and share your comments on our Web site. Let us know if your hospital has tried technology solutions to workflow problems with nursing.

Read the Grant Results report.
Read a profile of Linda Burnes Bolton, who led the effort.
Read a profile of one technology drill down project at Seton Hospital in Austin, TX.

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