Thursday, September 30, 2010

RWJF's Commitment to Rural Nursing

The newest edition of RWJF's "Sharing Nursing's Knowledge" e-newsletter featured two profiles of RWJF-funded projects focused on rural nursing:
"Rural Nursing Facing Unique Workforce Challenges"
Efforts to train rural nurses face the difficulties found in cities and suburbs, and more. The “RIBN Project,” coordinated in North Carolina by Polly Johnson’s Foundation for Nursing Excellence, is one several efforts supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to recruit, train and retain nurses in rural communities.

Read the story.

"Kentucky Residency Program Focuses on Rural Nursing"

RWJF Executive Nurse Fellow Alumnus is working with rural hospitals to create residency programs to attract and retain rural nurses.

Read the story.
Of course, these don't represent RWJF's only commitment to discovering more about rural nursing.  INQRI was pleased to fund a team at the University of Maryland in our second grantee cohort for their project, "Rural Hospital Quality Collaborative on Evidence-Based Nursing."  This interdisciplinary research team evaluated the effects of a rural hospital collaborative established to facilitate translation of evidence on heart failure (HF) patient care. Specifically, the team examined nursing characteristics that are associated with improvements in HF patient care.  Their work is vitally important, given that recent estimates indicate that people with chronic conditions receive 55% of the recommended care with only 68% of patients with heart disease receiving the appropriate treatment.

We were pleased to feature this team's work as part of today's panel on "Quality of Care in Diverse Settings" during the State of the Science event (hosted by the Council on the Advancement of Nursing Science).

For more information about this research, click here to read about how this team will expand their work with new funding from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

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